Dedicated to my special girl Keelie.

I remember as though it was yesterday, lying on death row,
My rescuer came and saved me, from certain death, I know.

She took me home and loved me, then thought of what to do,
She found a home with love to give, and sent me straight to you.

When I arrived, you hugged me, and straight away I knew,
We’d be together ‘till the end, I’d found a love so true.

You took away my sadness, replaced it with love and fun,
Oh, how I loved to go for walks, and soak up all the sun.

Too soon my life was over, we had to say goobye,
I know that you will miss me, I know that you still cry.

I’m safe at home on ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and looking down I see,
The love that held us together, is joined from you to me.

Pat Senior


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