Lacey the Lurcher.

Lacey has gone to a place far away,
And oh how I miss her day after day.

She first came to me sick, broken and sad.
The victim of cruelty by people so bad.

With love, care and kindness and the odd doggy treat,
She quickly recovered and was back on her feet.

No more to be used for man's selfish ends,
She soon settled down with her two doggy friends.

They plotted and schemed but their secret they kept,
To raid the fridge/freezer one night as I slept.

Lacey was leader she opened the door,
There was soon food and goodies all over the floor.

This was the first of so many times,
That Lacey the Lurcher committed such crimes.

She waits for me now in that place up above,
God please treat her kindly, MY LURCHER, MY LOVE.

By Frances Heath.


Lacey at home.

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