The last walk.

From out of the darkness and into the light,
Has someone heard me crying at night?
I'm out of my cage and into a van,
Where am I going with this nice young man?
Maybe I'm going to a better place,
Somewhere to run at my own slow pace.

"Don't worry old man, you won't feel a thing".
My heart starts to soar, like a bird on the wing.
He's taking me from this dark, dismal place
So I plant a big kiss right onto his face.
I'm happy, so happy, no more can I see
That cold, dirty kennel all wet with wee.

We come to a halt, I jump out by his side
My heart is bursting with happiness and pride.
The nice lady vet says "Hold him still"
God, why am I feeling so cold and ill?
I'm shaking and frightened as I gaze in his eyes,
This nice young man has told me lies.

He says, "It won't hurt, you'll just go to sleep".
Then why is he too starting to weep?
No, stop! I can't do this, I must take him home,
To a bed nice and warm where he isn't alone.
I'll make my excuses when I get to work
I'll say he escaped, I feel such a jerk.

Come here my old man, you're all wet and mucky
I'll wash you, then feed you and then call you LUCKY!


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