Letting go of snowy.

Loving you was easy, you made my life so sweet,
Silently, you stole my heart, and ran me off my feet.
Barking and running, wagging your tail; you really were a star,
Everyone loved and pampered you, and I'd take you for rides in the car.

You'd travel everywhere with me, we'd cuddle up in bed,
There wasn't much room for the two of us, you felt as heavy as lead!
I'd feel your nose around my neck, your soft warm breath on my ear,
I'd watch you as you slept by me, without a trace of fear.

Your life was quite horrendous, now you're safe and warm
With a mum that really loves you, safe from any harm.
There'll come a time when you'll have to go, to your home and brand new start
But I who have loved and fostered you, will have a broken heart.


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