Little Nell.

I've just come in out of the cold,
I look such a mess, or so I'm told.
"You have'nt had a meal in weeks, I bet
You're home safe and sound now, come here my pet".

"Let's look at those feet, all cut and sore,
Better bathe and dress them, so they'll hurt no more".
I'm given my meal and taken to bed,
Somewhere to rest my weary head.

My bed is all squidgy, soft and warm
It feels so good now I'm free from harm.
I've lived in a cage for weeks on end,
It nearly drove me round the bend.

Only hard floors to rest my head
God how I wished that I were dead.
Then a face appeared and kissed my head,
"I'll be back for you sweetheart", the kind lady said.

I tried to shout, "don't leave me here!"
My poor heart was filled with dread and fear.
But sure enough, she came back for me,
My heart raced with happiness and with glee.

My prayers had been answered, she took me home,
No more will I sleep on cold, hard stone.
I'm sure there's a heaven for dogs like me
Who've been raced and abandoned or thrown in the sea.

I could tell you stories and make you cry,
And tell you why I wished I'd died.
But now my luck has changed for me
I'm really happy as I can be.

Lots of kisses rain down on my head
As I sleep safely, in my nice warm bed.


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