Lucky Jim.

A cold frosty December night,
All the houses full of fancy lights.
From these homes, sounded laughter and cheer,
No one was aware of the poor soul out here.

In the freezing Xmas night a Greyhound stood,
Battered, skinny and covered in mud.
Just then a angel appeared at her window,
Seeing this starving dog, with his head hung low. she came to her door,

The Greyhound looked up.
No..he wasnt pretty, or some cute fluffy pup.
He was well valued in his younger day,
Until his trainer dumped him this way.

The lady stepped outside and stroked his head,
"By the looks of you old need to be fed"
She took him inside her humble home,
No longer unloved and left to roam.

She fed him a meal and he lay by the fire,
He slept easy to the sound of a Xmas choir.
The Greyhound that night was renamed Jim,
But don't forget the ones..less fortunate than him.

By Leanne Bingham.


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