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Maisie is a 2yr old Greyhound/Saluki with a horrendous past. I was friends with her foster mum - who had her for six weeks before I got her. It was love at first sight for all three of us - Maisie fell in love with Murphy and he too bonded with her big time and well, I'm a sucker for a sob story! I visited her weekly at her foster mums and then couldn't bear to be apart from her any longer, so brought her home with me one day. From what we can gather she was tethered and used as bait in a dog fighting pit. She had been stabbed and had cigarettes stubbed out on her, she was riddled with mange and was totally emaciated and petrified of everyone and anything - especially men!

That was in May 2005. Now she has put on about 7kg (she's now 22kg! and looking great on it). When first rescued she had about 30% hair growth - we are now at about 95% growth which has thankfully covered most of her scars. (There wasnt a square inch of her that wasnt either an open sore, old scar/lump....)

Now she has to be the sweetest dog ever, she is soooo loving and dotes on me and her protector big brother Murphy. She is still a little shy, but her confidence grows everyday - she even gives strangers a licky face now if they are gently in approaching her, - all her way of desperately needing to be accepted.

I am utterly utterly smitten! Maisie & Murphy are inseparable and are like two peas in a pod! True ever lasting friendship there! Ill attach her before and after piccies for you to see.

Suzanne O'Brien

Update:- There is now a video of Maisie. Just click here to see it.
Maisie before she was rescued 1.
Maisie before she was rescued 2
Maisie before she was rescued 3.
Maisie before she was rescued 4.

The pictures below show Maisie as she is now, in her loving home with Suzanne.

Maisie after she was rescued 1.
Maisie aftershe was rescued 2
Maisie aftershe was rescued 3

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