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Ebony His friends he loved. His direst earthly foes- cats- I believe he did but feign to hate. My hand will miss the insinuated nose, mine eyes the tail that wagg'd contempt at fate.

-Sir William Watson.

Our beautiful ebony eyes. Goodbye for now Ebs.
You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.

Robert Louis Stevenson.

 Sammy who died 22 May 2003. The odd one out
in our house but all the Greys loved him as we did.
Jed died 12 August 2002. He had been with us for only four months. See Jed's story on this site. Wish you could have stayed longer Jed.Oscar was a lovely Lurcher who died 25 February 2002. He was 16 years old. We will meet again Oscar.We love you so very much.
Hannah, who died 5 July 2001. We still miss you (funny girl.)

When some proud son of man returns to earth,
Unknown to glory, but upheld by birth,
The sculptor's art exhausts the pomp of woe,
And storied urns record who rests below.
When all is done, upon the tomb is seen,
Not what he was, but what he should have been.
But the poor dog, in life the firmest friend,
The first to welcome, foremost to defend,
Whose honest heart is still his master's own,
Who labors, fights, lives, breathes for him alone,
Unhonored falls, unnoticed all his worth,
Denied in heaven the soul he held on earth-
While man, vain insect! hopes to be forgiven,
And claims himself a sole exclusive heaven.
Oh man! thou feeble tenant of an hour,
Debased by slavery, or corrupt by power-
Who knows thee well must quit thee with disgust,
Degraded mass of animated dust!
Thy love is lust, thy friendship all a cheat,
Thy smiles hypocrisy, thy words deceit!
By nature vile, ennobled but by name,
Each kindred brute might bid thee blush for shame.
Ye, who perchance behold this simple urn,
Pass on--, it honours none you wish to mourn.
To mark a friend's remains these stones arise;
I never knew but one--and here he lies.

...Lord Byron's Tribute to "Botswain"

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