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Phoebe A man may smile and bid you hail
Yet wish you to the devil;
But when a good dog wags his tail,
You know he's on the level.

- Anonymous

Precious moments. This is the lovely Phoebe who lived with Judy Zatonski.
All of the good things that have come to me have come through my dog.

A dog owner overheard in New York's Central Park

Beautiful Bradley who died in January 2005.
Another of Judy's dogs.
Masque and BreezerAlf
When little Masque died 5 June 2006 (age 14), Breezer who was only 11 1/2 couldn't live without her and had to say goodbye to us 6 weeks later.The lovely Alf who lived with Julia in Melbourne Australia. Alf died 31 August 2006. See his poem on page 3, it is called "I wish you could have met my friend."
Towser Major
Towser affectionately known as Mr Wobbs. December 1987 - August 23rd 2002. This lovely boy is Major, he died in January 2007 aged just 3 years. He was left without food or water in a police kennel in Dalkeith Scotland because the "person" who booked him in failed to inform other staff that he was there. He was discovered when a smell was noticed from the area. May he rest in peace now.

Listen, can you hear your name?
He's calling you my friend
Although you're slipping from me now
This is not the end.

A new life is about to start
Where you'll be free from pain
Old-age you'll shrug off like a cloak
And you'll be young again.

Listen, can you hear Him call?
His voice is soft and low
And as you leave this earth behind
Remember as you go,

I'll not forget you my dear friend
Though we may be apart
Your mem'ry will remain with me
Forever, in my heart.

Listen, He is calling still
Reaching out, and so
Take His hand and slip away
It's time for you to go.

So many happy times we've shared
These, sadness can't erase
I feel that we're together still
Tho' we've gone separate ways.

I'm listening but there's no sound
You must have heard His voice
We both knew that the time had come
We knew there was no choice.

You've breathed your last, your eyes are closed
But this is not the end
For life at Rainbow Bridge awaits
Rest in Peace, dear friend.

J Zatonski 2004.

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