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Copper As long as people think, that animals haven't any feelings, animals have to feel that people can't think.

- Arthur Schopenhauer

Copper, born 29 April 1993, died 31 August 2007. We were honoured to know him for 12 years since we found him in a terrible condition in 1995. See you again Cops. --- Marilyn and John.
Dogs understand your moods and your thoughts, and if you are thinking unpleasant things about your dog, he will pick it up and be downhearted.

- Barbara Woodhouse (1910-1988) Irish author and dog trainer.

PipOur dear wee PIP, we only knew you for five years but they were wonderful ones. Your Mummy and Daddy, Celia and Jimmy.
Lucky Prince
In memory of darling Lucky. - Anji. Dear Prince fought a brain tumour for nine months but finally our dear beloved boy was called away. You'll always be near us Prince. Your Mum and Dad, Celia and Jimmy.
Cash Katie
Mr. Cash, the gentle giant lost his fight against cancer today. He is now free to race amonst the stars. Having come from extreme cruelty in the racing industry, he knew love, compassion and had a few years in the sunshine before his journey to Rainbow Bridge. He leaves a very big hole in our hearts that could never be filled. Pat, Charles, and your fur friends Sandy, Butch, Holly, Tommy 3 legs, Emily, Paris, Morgan, Pippa, Col, Jason, Smokey, Spiky and Timmy.xxxxxxxxxxx. Our beautiful Katie died today, 10 December 2007. She fought a tumor in her throat for over 2 years with the help of a herbal remedy called Essiac. See her story on the Help and Tips page. Katie was 14 years old and will be missed very much. Marilyn & John
Bernie, a small male brindle greyhound who we adopted in 1995, played a major part in our decision to found Greyhound Action. He had been severely illtreated and traumatised at the hands of the racing industry and his suffering filled us with determination to bring commercial greyhound racing to an end. Sadly, Bernie passed away this September 2007 at the grand old age of 14 years 4 months, but we will never forget him, nor the important part he played in helping so many other greyhounds. A tribute to Bernie can be found on our website at      Louise & Tony, Greyhound Action

When it's time for me to go
And we have said farewell
Please don't mourn for me too long
But try to sing as well.

Sing about the happy times
And let the sad ones go
Fill your heart with joyful thoughts
For life's too short you know!

Speak of me with fondness and
Recall our special days
Hold dear those happy memories
That time cannot erase.

Each wouldn't wish we'd never met
Tho' now we've had to part
So walk again the paths we trod
But not with heavy heart.

Don't close the door upon my life
Just because I've gone
In your heart and in mine too
Our friendship will live on.

Should you prepare a grave for me
To lay my body to rest
A simple headstone with my name
Is what I'd like the best.

Or if my ashes you'd prefer
To scatter far and wide
You'll watch the breeze bear me away
Yet feel me by your side.

Be happy that our lives we shared
On sadness do not dwell
Maybe shed a tear or two
But will you sing as well?

J Zatonski 2006

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