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Bella I'd be happy to have my biography be the stories of my dogs. To me, to live without dogs would mean accepting a form of blindness.

- Thomas McGuane (b. 1939) U.S. novelist

Bella. Please click here to read her memoriam.
This house is for the comfort of our dogs, visitors must take second place. If you love dogs you'll understand, if not, what are you doing here.

- From a card hanging in our entrance hall.

Charlie5 Charlie, died December 2007. Wish you could have stayed longer Charlie. Anji.
Ally Harry
Ally, who along with Harry in the next picture and Mooney below belonged to Bryan Leach. All three died in 2007. Harry
Mooney Boo
MooneyBoo. Please click here to read her memoriam.

This tribute is a canine prayer
For gentle Greyhounds everywhere.
Those cast aside, the waifs, the strays
Who've not known love for all their days.
Those abused, abandoned too,
The beaten - still forever true.
The cowed, the lost, unwanted hounds
Awaiting life, or death, in pounds.
Our hearts go out to every one
From loved and true companions.
To those who crave an owner's touch
And need our love so very much.
And as we speak these heartfelt words
Please God just let our prayer be heard.

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