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Tasha He cannot be a gentleman which loveth not a dog.

- John Nothbrooke.

Tasha came to usa from the dog pound in Yorkshire. Her owner was arrested three times in one week for drink driving!!!!! She ended up on death row at the pound. She hadn't eaten in over two weeks. Now she was very ill and too emaciated to carry on. She was an 11 years old Ridgeback. We had her for only a day. She lay in the sunshine yesterday for hours and was loved, now she has gone to a better place, where she won't be let down by people. Goodnight, Tasha, I'm sorry we couldn't help you. Pat and Charles.
A dog naps so much because it loves so hard.

- Anonymous.

This is Tommy 3 legs, he came from the dog pound at Barnsley, he was on death row. No one wanted a 12 year old dog with three legs. We brought him home and he had 6 years with us before passing on. Now he will have four legs and can run around on Rainbow Bridge with his friend Sandy, who died a few weeks after him. I would like to think they are together again. Loved and missed every day. Pat and Charles.xxxx
Sandy Spikey
Sandy passed away early in March 2008 just a few weeks after his best mate Tommy 3 legs. We adopted him when he was 10 years old. He had a good life with us for 5 years. He was so quiet and loving and we miss him so much. God Bless, you go and run with Tommy until we are all together again. Love Pat and Charles.xxxx Adopted from the society for abandoned animals two years ago, Spikey had a lot of medical problems but such a lovely old man. Restored to health on 'Rainbow Bridge' to play like a puppy again. Goodnight God Bless, until we all meet again. Pat and Charles.xxxx
Timmy Holly
In rememberence of a cheeky, fiesty little boy. The house is so quiet without you barking. We miss you so much. Gone to play on 'Rainbow Bridge' with all the others. At least you had a loving home for your last couple of years with us. Goodnight, God Bless little Timmy.
Pat and Charles xxxx
Holly was rescued when she was 3 yrs old. She was a timid girl but soon settled in with every one. Holly will be saadly missed. Go run free Holly and meet up with all your friends who have gone before you. Until we meet agian sweetheart, Pat and Charles.xxxx
Paris Lily
Paris died at home after suffering a heart attack. Paris was such a timid sweet little girl. She was 20 yrs old.Run free Paris and join your friends on the bridge. We will miss you terribly. Good night sweetheart, love Pat and Charles.xxxx Lily aged 17 years died in my arms today, 30 March 2009. We rescued her just before xmas. Although we knew we wouldn't have her for long it was a pleasure having her and she will be missed so much. Run free little Lily, you're now in a better place. Love you lots my sweet little Lilyput. Pat and Charles xxxx
Arthur Smokey
Arthur our 17 year old lurcher died. He has been with us 12 yrs. He had been badly treated but had a good life with us. Run free Arthur, your friends are waiting on the bridge for you. Some dogs come into our lives for a short while and others stay and leave paw prints on our hearts forever. Love Pat and Charles xxxxOur 21 year old whippet, Smokie died today. He was a very special little man and we will miss him terribly. Go and find Ellie, play on the bridge until we meet again. I have written a book entitled 'Smokie Whippet & The Bandits' He will be imortalised in the book and locked in our hearts. Pictured with his little friend Emily. Love forever, Pat & Charlesxxxxx
Emily Ellie
Together on Rainbow Bridge. One of the most loved dogs I have ever had. Miss you so much my little 'Gonkers Bonkers' Big hug from Sue as well. Love from all your furry friends. At peace now. Pat & Charles. xxxxxxx Ellie was rescued from appalling conditions and I adopted her. She had three wonderful months with us where she knew love before passing on to Rainbow Bridge. Goodnight little whip, you were loved so much. Pat & Charles xxxxx
Merryweather Emily
Merryweather closed his eyes for the last time on the 12 September. With us for only two months but adored so much. He is now at rest. Goodnight little man, until we all meet again. Love Pat and Charlesxxxxxxxx Our beautiful girl Emily fell asleep on the 7th August 2010. She had seven weeks with us and was loved very much. No one can hurt you anymore sweetheart. She died in the arms of the people she loved. Love always. Pat and Charles.xxxxx

You know you love him
Deep in your heart,
Though he's torn it and ripped it apart.

You know you miss her
'cos she's far away,
She only had a short time to stay.

Look up in the velvet sky,
Though it was time for them to die
They look down on you, two stars,
They glimmer and glisten brighter than Mars,
They are your two bright stars.

By Sophie, age 12.

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