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GG The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's.

Mark Twain, Letter to W D Howells, 4/2/1899

"You Will Forever Be In My Heart" G. G. (Greyhound Girl) 11/99 - 08/04
Dogs are better than children. Even my friends with children say that. As a dog friend of mine likes to say, children are for people who can't have dogs.


GG (Greyhound girl) when she first arrived.
The picture above is of GG when she first arrived. You can see the sadness in her eyes and how terribly thin she is.
All the pictures above are of G G (Greyhound Girl) who belonged to Maria and who sadly died in August 2004.
Noble in black and white. Noble.
I gave him the name Noble. A superb athlete, exotic looks and a gentle soul. A loyal friend, A faithful companion, A true source of joy he became. A retired racer who will forever be my 40 miles per hour couch potato. Indeed a devoted partner most worthy of his breed. Noble Lacerda June 23, 1997 - September 12, 2005.
Hilda, our old Lurcher finally gave up on 22 December 2005 aged 16 years. We thank her for giving us two happy years. ----

John & Marilyn.

I know the meaning of sorrow,
I know how it feels to cry,
It broke my heart when I lost you
As I whispered my last goodbye.

You were my loyal companion,
Right to the bitter end.
No one could ever replace you
My loyal, trusting friend.

I have many happy memories
Of walking in the park.
You really were quite beautiful,
Elegant and dark.

Your eyes grew dim, you couldn't run
You tried but you were weak,
I kissed you face then you were gone
And tears rolled down my cheeks.

Goodbye old girl, it won't be long
Until we meet again.
Just wait for me on "Rainbow Bridge"
My faithful trusting friend.

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