Last week I went shopping in Bolton to ogle at this and that,
Just then I saw my mother coming so I thought I'd just stop for a chat.
I said, "Shall I call round tomorrow?" She said, "Oh my dear, I'll be out."
"Don't worry, I'd best take a raincheck", just then Mother started to spout.
"Monday I do all my washing and Tuesday I iron all day,
Wednesday I'm mopping and Thursday I'm shopping and Friday I'm out all day,
Saturday I clean all the windows, Sunday I blow dry my hair."
I call my old mum "Mrs Bouquet" because she reminds me of her.
She moans when I take my Greyhounds, the dog hairs just get everywhere.
When Lexus, my lurcher gets tired, she jumps up and sleeps on the chair.
"Old man Skippy" he waters her garden - he makes mother frantic and mad,
It's out with the hoover and duster, "Old Bucket" is really quite sad.
She has all the latest gadgets, her wardrobes are bursting with clothes,
"Oh dear, is that somebody coming? quick, I must powder my nose".
She lays out her favorite china, just for a quick cup of tea,
Then puts home made cakes on the table. "Oh mum, is that really for me?"
You really must be going dear, I've company as you can see.
With all the fuss that "Bucket" makes, I'm glad it's them, - not me!


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