Well, I didn't know what else to call this page? There will be few, if any, poems on this part of the website but more stories, (muses) about Greyhounds. As usual, just click on the one you want to read. I hope you like these tales and if you know someone who might learn something from them, please pass them on.

I don't know the authors of most of them so if it is you and you recognise your work, I hope you won't mind me using it. I am sure that you will want your message to reach as many ears as possible. However, if you don't want me to use your work, please e-mail me and I will remove it.

If anyone has any tales that you think may be useful and you would like me to include them here, please send them to me and I may be able to put them on this page. Enjoy the stories.

Cher aged 17 years. She died 15 December 2004
This is our beautiful Wendy who died 10 September 2004
Copper who died December 2007
My Dylan.
A Tribute to Finn.
There Might just be Hope.
A Tribute to Clash Nitro and Rent a Flyer
Another Tribute to Clash Nitro and Rent a Flyer
Am I famous yet?
TRUST--a deadly disease
A Greyhound's last words
News from Ireland
A Day in The Death of "Our Vieri."
Little Girl
A rescued Greyhound's story
A letter to God
The Final Journey
I found your dog today
How could you?
The abuse of the Greyhound
Greyhounds to spain
A Call For Help
Over breeding
Greyhound racing
A Dogs' Diary
A Dogs' Prayer
APGAW report
The London March.
When will this end?
Bushmills Major.
Stand up and be counted
The myth of neutrality
Maisie's Page
Holiday Hell
A tribute to Barry Horne.
Jed's story
A Letter from Tom
Thank you all
The Girl Who Stole Hearts
Will you take me Home?
Well, why not?
A Greyhound owner's prayer
Last will of a well loved dog
When I am old
Greyhound facts
Dogs teach us a lot
Dudleys' Tale
Emmas' Story
The story of Lizzie
A Dogs' Prayer
Inner Strength
Scooby's story
Frodo's story
Blue Bob
A day to Remember
The waiting game
Loving Grey Thoughts
An Alternative Rainbow Bridge
Dog definitions