Vet Approached To Mutilate Greyhounds.


Greyhound trainers have approached vets in Co Galway to "mutilate" their dogs in a bid to get them to run faster. Greyhound racing has long been dogged by controversy in Ireland, and this week a vet from Tuam contacted Galway First to hit out at trainers who wanted to "mutilate" their dogs.The Tuam vet, who wished to remain anonymous, told Galway First that greyhound trainers has approached him twice over the last year in a bid toget him to remove the floating rib from a greyhound. The floating rib is the unattached and back rib on a greyhound.The vet said, "The last rib was showing, but that's nothing unusual and it wasn't doing the dog any harm. I'd regard what the trainers were asking me to do as mutilation of the dog". Margaret O'Sullivan, PRO of the Galway Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, last night called on anyone involved in the greyhound industry to ensure that this type of practice is stopped immediately."We know certain things go on in the greyhound industry," she said, "And we would ask members of the greyhound racing community to do what they can to put a stop to practices like this. We'd also call on vets everywhere to not carry out procedures like this".

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