Naomi, Superdog.

I have a very special guide dog,
She’s beautiful, her name is Naomi,
She’s a well known canine in our town
And by everyone who knows me.

She didn’t start as a guide dog,
It happened when my eyes became worse,
She naturally seemed to want to help me,
She always put my well-being first.

We had a couple of mishaps,
When she was first being trained,
Stopping her from chasing rabbits and cats,
That wandered down our country lane.

But quickly she was coping,
She would always do her best
And I was told she looked gorgeous,
In her fluorescent yellow vest.

Well, one day we went shopping,
We went our usual way,
We said hello to Bill at the fire station
And he asked where you going today?

We’re just going to Tesco, you know,
Passing by the river,
He said, make sure you wrap up warm, Jane,
This wind will make you shiver.

We walked along quite happily,
Naomi keeping to my left,
Shielding me from the river,
She always knows what’s best.

Then we started slowing up,
As the grass was very slippery,
I hit my head, passed right out,
And was woken by Naomi licking me.

I tried to stand but a sudden pain,
Went shooting through my hip,
So I sat back down, undid Naomi’s lead
And told her run, be quick.

Go see Bill at the fire station,
Go girl, yes that’s it
And before she shot down the lane again,
She gave my face another lick.

Well, apparently she got there so fast
And she raced ahead of them coming back,
Witnesses said, she was faster then,
Than she’d ever been on the track.

'Cause this was Naomi’s second life,
She’d retired from the racing fraternity,
Her name back then, was ‘Runs Like the Wind’
And she’d run like the wind for me.

My wounds took a time mending
And news of her feat spread far and wide,
It took so long to go shopping now,
With my doggy heroine by my side.

Then I got a letter,
We had to go to the Mall,
Me and my greyhound, Naomi,
My super doggy pal.

The Queen said she was unusual,
A true dog celebrity,
Then she gave Naomi, ‘Runs Like the Wind’,
Her award for gallant bravery.

Also there, was a soldier,
Who’d lost his sight recently, in Iraq,
His name was Sergeant Timothy James
And he seemed a very nice chap.

The following Monday, he rang me
And when he spoke, my heart missed a beat,
He had such a lovely accent,
Made me tremble from my head to my feet.

We arranged to meet shortly after,
Naomi didn’t seem to mind Tim,
Although if he tried to get closer,
She growled a warning at him.

We went out several months
And then he hugged me by the library
Why, I asked hadn’t Naomi growled,
And Tim whispered simply ‘bribery’.

Apparently, he’d gradually got closer,
By giving Naomi doggie choc drops,
We had our very first kiss that day,
In fact we kissed lots and lots.

I was so happy in our relationship
And one day he said ‘Jane, I can see again’,
I replied ‘OK, Tim that’s alright,
I hope we’ll still be friends’.

I didn’t want to lose his friendship,
But knew he’d now want to find,
A girl who wasn’t a burden,
But he asked, ‘Please be my bride’.

So today’s the day we’re to be married
And I’m a very happy bride
But I know I’m sharing the admiring glances,
With the bridesmaid who walks by my side.

'Cause, Naomi’s a very big star now,
She’s been on TV and in the press
And she’s looking particularly gorgeous today,
In her lilac and pink silken vest.


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