Nigels Poem.

The elegant Greyhound, so noble, so proud.
The speed of the race, the cheer of the crowd.
The winner, by his owners loved and adored,
This beautiful Greyhound, never ignored.
So noble and proud, just not quite so fast
He's gone now from winning, to third, then to last.
He's sent to new kennels where it isn't so nice.
It's cold, dark and damp and infested with mice.
There's not enough food, he's sad and so thin
Where are his owners? Watching their new Greyhound win.

He's taken by car to a place thick with trees,
As night draws in he's starting to freeze.
As weak as he is, he survives the night
He sees someone approach, in the mornings first light.
So frightened he feels, who could this be?
So weak are his legs, he just cannot flee.
A soft voice, then a blanket then into a car,
The warmth envelops him as they travel afar.

The journey is over, he lifts his head,
He's given some food and a lovely warm bed.
His strength and trust grow, with all the food and the love,
These humans that found him must be from heaven above.
Suddenly some faces appear at his door,
Not recognising these people, he feels quite unsure.
Led from his kennel, he travels again.
Feeling so sad but suddenly then,
A house, fluffy carpets, a warm springy bed,
biscuits, walks, cuddles and pats on the head.
The Greyhound, still noble and ever so proud.
No more speed of the race, no more cheering crowd.
Never to be abandoned, in the woods left to roam.
This very special Greyhound has just found his home.

Written by Sarah Lavender, April 11th 2000


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