Nobody's Dog.

Today is the death day of nobodyís dog
Nothing will mark it but a note in the log
Iím faceless and nameless and no tears will fall
For I know in your world I have no worth at all

To you, my sweet someone, Iím a friend and a dear
We ran the wind daily and you held me so near
But the gate was left open - I chanced a walk on my own
Iíd have cowered in fear if only Iíd known

I know how you cried on the night that I strayed
I know how you searched, I know how you prayed
But I went to a pound far far from our home
Where I crouched in despair in my kennel alone

I know that you phoned for I heard your dear voice
And I hoped you would hear me so I barked myself hoarse
Although Iím a Lab cross with stockings all white
On their form Iím a Staff cross - the descriptionís not right

So they said Iím not here and I sank to my bed
My kennel coughís worse and I canít raise my head
The rescue came yesterday but they hadnít a place
For an un-neutered cross breed with his mucus-streaked face

If only youíd come to search for me here
You would have known me at once, you would have sensed I was near
You would have sorted my ills, you would have carried me home
And I promise our God no more would I roam

Now my eyes plead for mercy for my seven days are done
And I am waiting with dread for the final vet run
No arms will caress me as they inject me to death
No words will comfort me as I take my last breath

When the body man comes, it is fitting Iím found
In a bin bag in the freezer in the depths of the pound
Thrown away like the rubbish - no respect and no shame
Denied even the time to find you again

My loyalty and devotion they did cruelly betray
Without microchip or nametag, I am just a dispensable stray
Once waggy-tailed, once proud, beloved and free
Oh God look with pain at what mankindís done to me!

Trudie James

Nobody's dog

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