A Report From Norfolk.

We were right on greyhound fears

29 November 2007 08:38

Campaigners concerned about the welfare of greyhounds in Norfolk say their fears have been confirmed by a new report.

In recent years, fears have been raised about the welfare of greyhounds in the county, especially once they are too old to race.

Animal welfare campaigners claimed dozens of the animals were being neglected, starved, mistreated and deprived of medical treatment once they reached retirement age.

Rescue homes in the county said they were being inundated with requests to take in greyhounds because greyhound owners are not carrying out proper checks before passing them on.

A report, commissioned by the industry and conducted by Lord Donoghue, has called for a change in the way greyhound racing is run.

The review raised concerns about the welfare of the dogs and its proposals included a new governing body, measures to improve greyhound welfare and better tracking of dogs.

Lynne Hall, from the Norwich based campaign group Action for Greyhounds, said: "We want to see more done to make sure racing is stopped, because not until racing is ended altogether will greyhounds' suffering stop".

A new body, the Greyhound Board of Great Britain, will be responsible for governance, administration, finance and regulation of racing. The Labour peer says the dogs should be registered by the time they are 15 weeks old and tracked throughout their lives until they are rehomed.

Becky Blackmore, RSPCA greyhound expert, said: "Dogs are being chewed up and spat out of an industry which ultimately treats greyhounds as disposable commodities, rather than sentient animals for which it is responsible".

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