Old Girl.

Soft silver moonbeams
Gently grace a dingy coat
Alone in the dark, a Greyhound waits
Only the quiet stars and a distant moon
And night itself to speak to her.

Poor old, girl!
Someone chained you to a crude post
Then left you there in the cold dirt
With an empty food bowl
An empty water dish
An empty heart.
Your soft eyes are soulful and bright
With hunger and hopelessness in the moonlight.

You wait in the shadows, wondering
When will I be taken away?
Will tomorrow be worse than today?
Youíve finished last place one too many times, old girl.
You werenít fast enough; how dare you lose that race.
No one understood how hard you tried,
No one felt your pain when you collapsed at the finish line.

You heard what they said that fateful losing run,-
"A loser doesnít earn her keep;
Iíll put that no-good hound to sleep."
So the owner you trusted left you alone to die,
Just a kick and a blow to remember him by.
You wonder what daylight holds as you lie in the darkness and dirt.
Too weak to stand and far too hurt.

You close your fading eyes and take a breath so thin,
The moon is darkening; stars are growing dim.
You lay down your quiet head and sigh
So this is what itís like to die.

But donít give up old girl!
Someone has seen you lying broken in the shadows
And sheís coming near.
Youíre shaking now, trembling, cowering in fear.
But no worries old girl!
Itís your rescuer; itís over now, Iím here.

I hold your noble head,
though you quiver and you shake.
Thereís nothing to be afraid of girl,
Oh how my heart does ache
To see you here like this, tears stream down my face.

I can see every bone in your body, every scar.
I heard your desperate whimper long ago,
And again this night.
For the silence shouted, long and far,
Even the stillness told of your plight.

The chain round your tiny neck is cut away,
Now youíre in my arms so close
Though youíre shaking where you lay.
I swear to you- Iíll keep you safe forever
Youíll not be cold or starving-never, never!

Cradled in my lap I kiss your frightened face,
I mean it when I promise you
Youíre done with that Greyhound race.
Lay down your head and dream in peace,
Youíre loved now, win or lose old girl.

Written by Freedom C Meadows

Old Girl

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