One Last Chance.

It's cold and it's raining, there's nowhere to hide
I gaze at the houses, all warm inside.
If only they'd let me come in for a warm
And lie near the fireside, free from all harm.

My racing days are over so I'm thrown out on the street
My stomach hurts through hunger, there's deep cuts on my feet.
No food or shelter can I find,
I'm rather old and going blind.

A lady then approaches me, oh God, I'm really scared
She lays her hand upon my head, I think this lady cares.
I'm lifted up and settled on the back seat of her car
With soothing words she talks to me and says, "it won't be far."

In no time at all I'm taken inside
And placed on a blanket - my fears I can't hide.
I'm shaking with fright and I wet my new bed,
"Go to sleep now sweetheart" the kind lady said.

But during the night I had a strange dream
That I was running through fields, beside a still stream.
I met all my friends I knew who had died,
They looked so alive and happy, I cried.

My heart was pounding, I wanted to go
And join my friends, but I had to say no.
I still have some time left on earth, I must stay
We'll all meet again my friends, soon one day.

Then off they did run into the light,
I know now my future will be happy and bright.


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