One Wish.

If I had one wish you know what it would be?--
It would be that my Razor could be here with me.
He wasn't just a Greyhound..he was my boy too,
He won the hearts of many people - including mine too.

No creature before has ever effected me like he did,
He wasn't a Greyhound..he was my little kid.
He used to watch Santa at the grotto and had a stocking that was full,
He walked perfectly on the leash..never once did he pull.

He was a air cadet and watched the planes fly by,
He was like a human!! My god why did he have to die?
He used to eat ice creams and understood what I'd say,
To have him back there is no price I wouldn't pay.

But I know it's impossible, my sweet angel has gone,
I need to express my grief so I send poems to John.
If you could have met my Razor my heart would have burst with pride,
My tall brindle sweetheart forever at my side.

He was but 6 yrs old when he left this horrid place,
But at rainbow bridge he runs and plays at his own pace.
I miss him so much..and I guess only time will be the test,
But I certainly know now, God only takes the best.

Sleep well my preciouse darling..I will always love you.

Leanne Bingham 2007


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