On the farm.

I'm really in the doghouse, though I don't know what I've done,
I've chewed a pair of slippers and eaten a big cream bun.
It really is frustrating, trying to be so good,
I've weed on my new kennel, and chewed up all the wood.
My dad says I am mental, he often tells me so
And mum just shakes her head as she walks through the door.

Yesterday I had a swim, the fish all jumped about,
Some landed in the garden, boy, did my daddy shout.
My mum came running over, I thought that it was funny,
I tried to scramble out of the pond - my nose was wet and muddy.
"You really are a silly dog", my mum said with mock scorn,
"I'll take you home and dry you off, you'll soon feel nice and warm".

I had a dream whilst in my bed about a great big bunny,
I chased it round the garden - the bunny's name was Honey.
She looked just like my mum, with fur all soft and warm,
I used to cuddle up with her whilst living on the farm.
Our old cat's name was "Warrior", he used to catch the mice
Then leave them on the doorstep, that wasn't very nice!

The old pig's name was "Rasher" - he wasn't very smart,
He used to roll in all the muck then lie beside the cart.
We're going to the fields now to round up all the sheep,
And then I'll go off home with dad for my big meal and a sleep.
It really is a great life, working on the farm,
Where I am warm and happy, and safe from any harm.


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