Our special boy.

We love our little Soldier,
He's loving, cute and sweet
He often cuddles up in bed
Or lies here at our feet.

We take him everywhere with us
He brings us so much pleasure,
Our Soldier means the world to us
He's such a little treasure.

He had a shocking start to life
It really was quite grim,
Until a policeman found him
And took good care of him.

He rushed him to the vet's that night
And hoped he would survive,
But it was touch and go for days
On a drip and barely alive.

He came through that then he went home
With a lady from Horwich - he wasn't alone.
He was wrapped in a blanket and tucked up in bed,
"Go to sleep now Sweetheart", the kind lady said.

He's come a long way since that awful night
When he lay dying - what a terrible sight.
"I'm here safe and sound now, I've found a new home
Where I am spoiled rotten and never alone."

"Thank you for giving me a chance to live,
My love and companionship I'll always give."


Dedicated to Anne and Christine who have since adopted Soldier.

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