Your Office Party.

Are you looking for a venue to hold your office party? Perhaps you are planning a stag or hen night for a member of your staff; or even this years' Christmas party. Wherever you choose please don't be tempted to visit a greyhound racing track; the cruelty inherent within the greyhound racing industry is immense. Thousands of young, healthy Greyhounds are killed in various inhumane ways every year when they reach the end of their racing career, this is usually at three or four years of age. A lucky few are destroyed humanely by a vet, many more are put to death by various means that include shooting, drowning, injection of bleach and having their ears cut off to avoid detection through the ear tattoo and then left to bleed to death. I have personally seen many examples of all of these acts of barbarity that characterize the racing industry.

You may be aware of the exposure of David Smith, a man from Co. Durham who over the course of several years has shot over 10,000 Greyhounds with a captive bolt gun and then buried them on his land. The story was covered by The Times newspaper in July 2006. Unfortunately there are many more like David Smith, he was just the one who got caught, and anyone who attends a Greyhound race is supporting through their financial contribution the acts that Smith and others perpetrate on a daily basis.

May I ask you to please read The Power of One and also The Decline of the Greyhound Racing Industry. Will you then please print them out, together with the introductory text above and distribute them to any companies or small businesses who might be thinking of holding an event at a greyhound racing stadium.