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Beeler and Bell Jill, Beeler and Bell
This is Beeler (black) and Belle (brindle). They are owned and loved by Roger and Jill Widdifield. This one is of Jill, with Belle and Beeler taken at the annual "Sandy Paws - 2005" gathering held last March at Jekyll Island, Georgia. Over 300 Greyhounds brought their owners for a little get-together by the beach. We love our Greyhounds - they are absolutely the greatest!!!
Rudy. A beautiful Ibizan hound Rudy and Akira
Not a Greyhound I know, but a wonderful sighthound nontheless! Rudy was rescued from travellers in Majorca, tied to a tree with his collar grown into his neck, malnourished to the point he had ricketts in his back legs, and his tail broken in several places. The wonderful people at Houndsavers brought him to the UK and he now lives happily with his pal Akira the Foxhound.---Vanessa.
This is razor my retired Grey.Happy now in loving forever home.
Wesley (Formerly Spud) Learning to relax.
Spud, now Wesley
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