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Danny and Colin. Click for bigger image. Stella9
This is Danny, (white / brown) a lucky Galgo from spain, playing with his new brother Colin, they live with Fiona and Gordon in Scotland. Click the picture to see a bigger image. Got some new pics of Stella, was wondering if you could show them. As you can see she is Very relaxed and happy now, which is brilliant compared to the life she was living before as a racing dog! -- Cath.
Stella8 Stella5
Stella chilling out on a nice comfy pillow! Here is Stella again, with my daughter Katie on one of our visits! We miss her so much but unfortunately we had to rehome her. We see her most weeks. Morris is in the background, her new brother! (or boyfriend!)
Dylan3 Dylan2
Here are a couple of pictures of our Lurcher Dylan who is 4, we adopted him 6 months ago. He was a real scared boy when we got him but he is a lot better now.
These pics of Dylan were posted by
Lynn and John Pettitt.

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