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Snoopy & Pepper
Best friends to the end. Snoopy (Greyhound) and Pepper (German Shepherd, 'wanna be Greyhound') Just chilln' out on Grandpa's bed. So cute, just didn't have the heart to tell them to get down. -- Thank you for allowing me to share my pride and joys with the Internet world. -- Mark and Wendy.
SADIE chilling out on her favorite peice of furniture.

Jade Ben and Magoo
Ben and Jade with their friend Magoo in the middle, ambassadors at a G.R.W.E. Meet & Greet.

Lily, Blue and Rosie raising funds for their local Greyhound Rescue Charity - hard work for them!

Hi, I would love this picture of my darling Mercury (Moggie Crumb) posted on your site -- "MERCURY MY BABY- MY LOVE."

My human took this photo a few minutes ago. I am Sophie, 6yrs old and am now retired. I love my life with this human and his family. They even have a cat and a rabbit. They seem to get on OK with me. Like the cat, I sleep a lot except when I go for a walk in the Hampshire, UK, countryside. Bye for now, dinners waiting.

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