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Here is a picture of Charley, she is our first grey that sits down, I had never seen it before. (Photo sent by Gillian in Lancashire.)
Donna Lynes and Holly. Scooby.
This is Holly with her lucky owner Donna. Holly was dumped in a skip at 5 weeks old and rescued by Donna. Scooby, also one of Donnas' dogs. You can read her story on the "Muses" page.
German dogs. German dogs.
These beautiful dogs are rescued and live in Germany with Iris or her family or friends. And this is a blue just like my own Skye.
German dogs with Iris. Rennie.
And here is Iris with more lucky Greys. This beauty is Rennie and below is her daughter Puppy.
Puppy. Rennie and Puppy.
Rennie and Puppy were from the same rescue center but adopted over a year apart. Rennie and Puppy together. Finally below is a picture of how Puppy looked when she had just come into the rescue centre.
Puppy. Jenny.
Puppy when she first came into rescue. This is Jenny, a lovely Lurcher owned by Michelle.

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