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Lilifee. Lilifee.
This is Lilifee adopted from Ireland. Lilifee now lives in Munich with Ilse.
Lilifee with a friend. Cyndi Rennick and Bandit and Sweetie Pie
Lilifee with her friend. Bandit and Sweetie Pie with their mom Cyndi.
Trixie. Sparky, Sadie and Trixie.
Trixie...(found by police tied up on M11) now living in loving home with Sadie and Sparky. Trixie (middle) Sparky (white) and Sadie (sofa) relaxing at home. All three lucky dogs now live with Tony Butchart.
This is Pixie who now lives with Sharon in Belfast. She looks old but she is only 8.

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