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Archie. Archie.
Archie campaigning AGAINST greyhound racing! He makes a good door stop too.
Archie. Archie
Archie looking very regal. He now lives happily with Trudy.
Sina walking. Sina
This is Sina. She was born in Ireland 1997 and then after a few races transported to Barcelona. She ran 142 races and is now 10 years old.
Sina relaxing. Rocky and Amber.
She came to Switzerland in March 2004 and since April 2004, she has lived with a male dog Bergamask and a Irish Wolfhound. I love her very much. She is now very happy. (Pictures sent in by Ivana Kos). Rocky & Amber enjoying an evening stroll along the beach in Somerset. They live with Ken and Val.

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