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Charlene. Charlene.
Charlene who is 5 years old who we have had since November 2006
Louie. Charlene and Louie
And Louie, four and a half years old who we picked up last Sunday. 25 August 2007. They are really brilliant dogs and everyone should have at least one. Charlene and Louie together.---Toni.
Millie. Willow 
Here is Millie rescued from GAL in Scotland. And Willow also from GAL. Both now happy with Jennifer.
Tilly. Connor and Mike.
This is Tilly, rescued by Mark. Seems happy enough now. Connor brindle Greyhound and Mike white and black Whippet. In the background you will see a group of Spanish galgoes. It is through this wonderful group that my Connor came into our lives. Lisbeth Mike and Connor.

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