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Sophie and Joni Sophie and Rosie
This is Sophie my gorgeous Greyhound, (and Joni). I rescued her 8 years ago and she is my baby. The most laid back, even tempered dog I have ever met. Not too bright sometimes but has the looks to compensate. Thanks, Lynn. Sophie with her sore foot and our new addition Rosie. She's not that keen on Rosie hopping about in her bed but she's getting used to it.
Buxton and Gypsy
This is a father and daughter pair named Buxton and Gypsy sent to me by Anne Martin. Are they just gorgeous or what? What's that he is shredding Anne?
Jealous guyI still love you
Hey Sparkie, that's my girl, keep your paws off her or else.It's OK King, it's you that I still love.
Alone at lastI'll get you in the end. King had better watch out
Alone at last.I'll get you in the end. King had better watch out.

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