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Lucky. Lucky.
This is Lucky, rescued by Megan in Australia on 13 July 2007. Megan has now become a foster carer for a Greyhound rescue group.
Louie and Charlene. Mika.
Two beauties called Louie and Charlene keeping warm in their jammas. They are also on page 29. Charley is already on page 25 but we now have Mika (San Diego Lisa) We have had her for 2 weeks now and they get on so well, she is 3 years old. Thank you. Gillian in Lancashire.
Here's my Tristan, he did not make the cut as he was too slow and so his Irish trainer gave him to Kerry greyhound rescue from where I got him. He has been at home for only a few days and has blended right in, he is an angel and the gentlest soul I have met in a long time.--Evina.
Daisy. Daisy.
Daisy, white-black girl was born in Lisroe, Capagh, Co. Waterford, Ireland 2nd, June 1995. Exported to Italy about 1997/98, had worked on the Naples track until it closed in June 1999 due to bankruptcy.
Daisy. Daisy.
Daisy travelled to France where two families were found, but each brought her back. It seems they haven't been sensitive enough for a traumatized dog. Daisy didn't cause any trouble; she was a very friendly, lovely girl who was very loved by all who knew her. She died due to a sarcoma in the lymph gland Jan.28th,05 in the arms of her dad, Erwin.

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