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Marvin. Marvin.
This is the lovely Marvin. Adopted by and living happily with Katie.
Maisy and Grace are the best of friends.
Luiz. Luiz.
This is Luiz. He is 3 years old and comes from Spain. We adopted him this year and he lives in our family with two children aged 7 and 9 and with two dog-friends - a podenco-mixed from Spain and a jack russell girl.
Luiz. Tigresa.
We love our Luiz so much - he is so lovely. Marion, Germany. Tigresa is an Irish Greyhound who was sent to Spain in 2002. She now lives with Erna and four other dogs in the Netherlands.
Madonna. Sand Man.
This is Madonna, another of Erna's dogs. And this beauty is a relative of a famous dog. He also lives with Erna and Madonna and Tigresa.
Dog and Girl.
Tigresa and Judith.

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