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Spence. Odie.
Spence who lives in Australia with Megan. His birthday is April 1 but he is no fool as you can see. Lucky on page 30 is also Megan's dog. We adopted Odie in July/07, and I cannot imagine a life without our handsome boy! He's seen here at a Winnipeg, Manitoba fundraiser for Hi-Speed Hounds, Inc. last weekend. Ilona...
Callie. Callie.
I'm sending pictures of my Callie, aka Bow Sugarhill. We adopted her from Adopt A Greyhound Atlanta in June of 07. She has just turned 5 yrs old.
Callie. Aoife.
Callie is the light of our lives. We don't know how we got along without her! Regina Eifler. Aoife (Eefa) our new girl. She finsihed racing last month, and has settled in well with Willow, Pixie and Twiggie. Sent in by Sharon.
Ruby. Ruby.
Here is Ruby enjoying her new lifestyle. She has been adopted by Carolyn and Nigel.
Bart. Bart.
This is Bart. He had to have his tail amputated because it had rotted and his rib was poking through his skin. He has had his operations and is on the way to recovery. Now living with Sue and Mick in Tarlton, Lancashire.
Peggy. Peggy.
And the two pictures above are of Peggy who Sue and Mick have also adopted. I get the impression that they have quite a job when Bart and Peggy start playing together.

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