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Ruby. Ruby.
These two pictures are of Ruby at the seaside. You can also see Ruby on page 33.
Joey. Eva.
This is Joey now living with Erna and his doggie friends in The Netherlands. Eefje is also one of Erna's lucky dogs. Both Joey and Eefje are from Ireland.
All of Ernas dogs.
Joey, Eefje and Tigresa with Erna's daughter Judith. You can see Tigresa and Erna's other dogs on page 31.
Bartie. Bartie.
This is Bartie, a very silly greyhound that Mick and Sue rescued. He was in a terrible state, his tail was so badly injured he had to have it amputated and his rib was broken and poking through his skin.
Bartie. Branston.
He is now back to health and is looking good. When I adopted my boy Branston 3 years ago he was very underweight, a broken rib, lots of scars. Here he is taking in the sun on the beach. He once had lifeless eyes, now he has life in his eyes. Jill Darville.

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