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A great shot of Beth, now living with Pat.
Emma. Emma and Jessica.
Emma who had been used as a breeding machine in Ireland. Now happy with her new friend Jessica.
Archie. Arhcie on bed.
Suzie Archie and Suzie
Here are a couple of pictures of my heartbeat Archie the Brindle and little Suzie the white and brindle. Suzie was beaten because she was too nervous to race, I rescued them both. Archie was no longer wanted due to an injury. They now have a happy life with lots of walks and their own bedroom, which is a waste of time as they always end up snuggled up in bed with me! Michelle.
Bare and Ranger. Roundy.
Here is Bare, smiling. The big boy at the front is Bare's nephew, Ranger. And this is Roundy.My partner and I adopted these three ex racers two and a half years ago.
They have all settled into home life here in Reading, but still treat the garden like a race track. ---- Kathy and Bill.

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