Photo Gallery Page 37

I think this is a lovely painting by Pat Senior of Cedric, a lucky dog who found a home recently in Lancashire.
Ruby. Kea and Nanna.
Ruby on holiday in Norfolk. Kea (black) and Nanna (black and white) we are at home asleep oh yeah.
Rosie. Rosie and friends
Rosie, now living with Erna in The Netherlands. Rosie with all her new friends.
Frank and Gala. Frank
Frank (from Kerry Greyhounds) with Gala from Spain. Frank after "hard" work, digging a summer bed in the garden.
Dali. Having an ice cream
Dali, Gala and Jessie waiting in a dog-food-store. Frank and Jessie having icecream on a hot day.
Frank, Jessie and friends. Jessie and Manolita
Frank and Jessie with all their friends in Nuremberg. Jessie's birthday - together with her girlfriend Manolita.

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