Photo Gallery Page 38

Lana. Jack and Rachel 3.
This is Lana, she was rescued by Sharon from the track in Naples, Florida. Jack ready for a ride in the car.
Jack and Rachel 1. Jack and Rachel 2.
Jack enjoying a walk in the woods with Rachel.
Starlet. Starlet 2.
This is Starlet, rescued from Ireland by Erna. Now Starlet lives in comfort in the Netherlands.
Tristan. Archer.
This is Tristan who was saved by Lisbeth. Archer adopted by Megan from Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada.
Obiwan. Obiwan 2.
Here are a couple of pictures of our greyhound Obi Wan who we adopted last October. Since we have had him he has become my best friend, and I dont know how we ever lived without him.
Molly. Molly 2.
This is Molly in her new garden. She was adopted from Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE) in June 2014 and now lives in Cornwall. Seems to like it here doesn't she?

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