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Stinger Smudge and Izzy
Here is a picture of my newly adopted Greyhound. His name is Stinger and he is a retired racing dog. He is 4, and what a cutie he is. I hope you like the picture and put it on your website. Wendy. This is Smudge and Izzy. They are both adopted from a rescue center and we love them to bits!
Bandit and SweetieAngel
Bandit (white and brown) and Sweetie. Sent in by Cyndi Renn.This is our ickle Angel Lilly just chillin wiv her monkey friend?! hehe, Love You Baby.
TiggerSkye and Sticker
Tigger, rescued at 5 months old, he is the light of our lives. No human could give so much love.Skye (white) and Sticker (Fawn), both rescued by Sheila in Connecticut.
8 years old Minnie. Posted by Lorraine.Tigger is also 8 years old, another of Lorraine's dogs.

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