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Cara. Click for bigger image. Bracken, Rusty and Breagh. Click for bigger image.
This is Cara, posted by Liana Phillips. Isn't she beautiful? Bracken, Rusty and Breagh. More of Liana's dogs.
Breagh. Click for bigger image. Rusty and Bracken. Click for bigger image.
Breagh alone.And Rusty and Bracken together.
Blue-Bob and Colin. Click for bigger image Colin, Blue-Bob and Lizzie. Click for bigger image
Blue-Bob and Colin, Fiona Reekie's dogs enjoying the snow. Click the picture for a
bigger image.
Colin, Blue-Bob and Lizzie. All pics on this page can be seen larger by clicking the image.
Froliking in the snow. Click for bigger image
They are really enjoying this snow.

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