Protein Levels In Food.

When a Greyhound is racing he / she will probably be fed on a high protein diet, up to 25% would be typical. This is to maintain the high energy requirements on the race track. However, when you get your lucky Greyhound home such a diet is neither beneficial or adviseable. 20% protein is plenty or better still 18%. If you feed 25% it can cause a variety of problems from hyperactivity to liver and kidney related diseases.

A good friend of mine happened to mention to me that she had been feeding her dogs on 25% protein food until someone at her local Greyhound rescue group told her that it wasn't good for her rescued dogs. She started to feed a 20% food and was amazed and pleased at the difference in her dogs temperament. An extra bonus is that 20% protein food is cheaper to buy than 25% food. A good one is "Dr. John Silver Medal" which sells for 10.49 for a 15kg bag. Also there is Gilpa Super Value Mix at 9.99 for 15kg. Of course these prices may vary in different areas of the UK but not by very much, and it will always be far cheaper than the high energy racing food.

So, there we are then, something that is cheaper to buy and better for your dog as well, not often you get that is it? I apologise to my valued friends and visitors from the USA for not being able to recommend a variety of food that you can purchase in your country but I am sure you will have no difficulty finding several brands to choose from. Just keep the protein level at 20% or slightly below and you and your rescued Greyhound will be fine.

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