Pulling On The Lead.

We have often had people ask us what is the best way to stop a dog pulling on his lead when out walking. I have heard and tried various suggestions but without doubt the best device by far is the "Halti". It gets its name from halter, as worn by horses and it works in the same way. The Halti fastens comfortably over the dog's jaw and clips shut behind his ears. The lead attaches to the loop dangling below. If the dog tries to pull now all that happens is that his head is drawn gently to the side. At first most dogs will rebel at this new control and try to get it off by rubbing their face against you or something else. This is perfectly normal and it doesn't mean that it is distressing your dog at all. Annoying him perhaps, because he can no longer drag you where he wants to go, but he is certainly not in any discomfort. Within a surprisingly short time he will come to accept his new situation and will quite happily walk peacefully at your side. Much better for him and also for you.

From our own experience, we have not found Greyhounds to be a problem in this way, but I was reading an e-mail from someone on another Greyhound web site recently and she was having big problems with her dog pulling her around when walking on his lead. I wrote to her and she tried a Halti and is very pleased with it. They come in various sizes from very small to one big enough for a Great Dane or St. Bernard. The one shown in the pictures below is a size 2. Copper, our dog shown is larger than most Greys and this one fits him comfortably. It's just a matter of trying them until you find the right size for your own dog.

Copper wearing his Halti Copper wearing his Halti
Notice how the lead fastens to the ring below Copper's jaw. If Copper tries to pull his head is gently turned, just like guiding a horse.

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