Razor and Ebony.

Long legged and skinny with a pretty head,
"Greyhounds are race dogs" people have said.,
I wanted a terrier when I joined DP,
Until the Greyhounds' plight became clear to me.

One quite day out with my Dad,
An injured brindle dog - sounded so sad.
"I will have him!!" I butted in some way,
"Can you bring him tomorrow, if not today?"

The next day he came out of a car,
In his short life this dog had travelled far.
"He's called Lazer Crystal" his owner said,
"His new names Razor", I said, stroking his head.

A love so true grew from that day,
No human could ever love me this way.
I was his whole world and he was mine,
And thats the way it'll be, till the end of time.

A year and half on after some ups and downs,
"Time to save another" Mum said with a frown.
Spotted a little black girley on some webpage,
Only three years old but looked twice her age.

I rang the trainer and told him she was the one,
"No problem" he said "you can have her when she's done."
Three months later came the call,
"I can bring her Wednesday, but she's far from small."

Jumping with joy and crying too,
Time to give Ebony a start anew.
Perfect in everyway...
So glad I rang the trainer that day.

Greyhounds are addictive I must warn you so
Please give them a home, once they're too slow.
We've had ups and downs...trouble and strife,
But I'm telling you...there'll be more Greyhounds in my life.

By Leanne Bingham.

Razor and EbonyRazor
Razor and Ebony.Razor on his own.

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