Remember Me.

Remember me? though I know that you won't
I'm the pup that you bred, I'm the soul that you owned.
Remember my mum, though you'll just get confused
She's the bitch that you broke, she's the womb that you used.

Remember the vet that you didn't call,
When the blood ran so dark in our cold dank stall.
Remember how cruelly you kicked me away,
When I dared lick your hand I just wanted to play.

Remember the age that you wrenched me from mum,
With my hold on life fragile and my weaning not done.
Remember the home that you didn't check,
That kept me outside with a chain round my neck.

You'll remember the blood money you exchanged for my life,
You'll remember the goodies it bought you and the wife.
Now imagine my fate and cringe with your shame,
See my sad lifeless eyes and my skeletal frame.

I've known neglect and abuse I feared never would end,
When death came for me it came as a friend.
There are thousands just like me in the yard, street and pound,
And whilst bad breeders breed this grim cycle goes round.

You failed in your duty though I was born at your will,
Now I'm your fatal shadow that walks by you still.
I hope, my cruel breeder, that your guilt's worth your gain,
You filled your car with my fear, bought your beer with my pain.

But no act goes unnoticed and no sin goes unpaid,
You'll account for my life at the end of your days.
I'll be right there beside you when at your reckoning you stand,
You'll remember me then, it's my blood on your hands.

- Trudie James -


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