I'll Remember You.

They brought me up when I was young to win them wealth and fame.
But when I lost a race or two they soon forgot my name.
My life was full of loneliness; I'd spent hours in my crate,
I had a few good friends, but loosing sealed their fate.

They whaled them out, one by one, because loosing was such a sin,
I watched their sad eyes when they walked by, never to see them again.
One day they walked me to the track, I heard the starting gun,
I ran as fast as I could run, but another dog had won. .

They pulled me by my collar and dragged me back inside,
They screamed and yelled and cursed at me, even though I really tried.
Suddenly it was over, the cheers had finally died,
They came and got me late at night and took me for a ride. .

My face began to tremble, my heart began to race,
I knew my turn had finally come, but then I saw your face…
I was so scared, I closed my eyes, I thought this was the end,
I didn't know that you had come because you are my friend.

I know you really love me; I'm having so much fun,
You feed me really well each day and take me for a run.
And when I'm old and feeble and must be put to sleep--
Don't be sad and please don't weep,
Because of you my life was sweet.

I'm going home to see my friends, those who had a tragic end,
And when they see me coming, and say "Where have you been?"
I'll turn and say, "In Heaven…It's true!"
And I'll remember you…….

Author Unknown


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