The Reunion.

At times I've sat and pondered, wondering what to do,
Trying to sort out problems but I haven't got a clue.
This time I'll need a miracle if I'm to save old Tim
His time is up, his fate is sealed, his future's looking dim.
The dog pound won't extend his time, I'm getting really fraught
I've racked my brains and tried to think, it's tearing me apart.
There is nowhere to put him, there isn't any space
That is all the thanks he gets for trying hard to race.
His week has been a living hell, waiting just to die
With very little food to eat, in his dreams he'd cry.
As morning filtered through his bars he tried to lift his head
What were these people saying, what did they mean he's dead!

A golden light enfolds me, then slowly disappears,
I see my master waiting, his eyes are filled with tears.
It's many years since last we met, into his arms I flee
I wag my tail and look at him, yes master, it is me!
There is a place that I've prepared to rest your weary head,
Don't worry Tim you'll be just fine, you are no longer dead.
We'll go for walks or lie around, just like we used to do
We'll never be apart again, this I promise you.
I'll take you home so you can rest and maybe have some tea,
Then we'll walk into the light, for all eternity.

Old Tim

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