The Rise And Fall Of A Champion.

Swirling snowflakes all around
Frozen feet on the ground,
Little body frail and thin
Rummaging around in a bin.

Cold and hungry, defeated and sad
Stood a Greyhound whose life had been so bad.
Thrown on the streets to forage for food
In his early life, things had been quite good.

He had been a champion, there was no doubt
The crowds would cheer, chant and shout.
But all too soon it came to an end
As he collided on a bend.

He broke his hock and started to cry
His callous owner said he must die.
Then a man came over and offered him money
To breed from the champion with his Greyhound, Honey.

When his duty was done he was shown the door
Food and shelter he had no more.
Thrown on the streets he met his end
As a car hit him hard on a bend.

No one could help as he took his last breath,
He was just another Greyhound, sentenced to death.


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